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Power Up!


We Believe in the Best Version of You! B12 RX & More offers only the purest and finest forms of the vitamins your body needs to perform at its best so you can thrive in life.

B-12 Blends


We help you take control of your health and energy with amazing blends of powerful, essential vitamins & minerals! 

B-12 Blends

The Bounce Back

When life knocks you down & you need a powerful boost of energy, recovery, repair & regeneration to get back into your best, this is it! NAD+, Glutathione, B-Complex, B12

B-12 Blends

The Feel Good

We all want to feel good, look great and enjoy vitality, good health, wellness and the energy to thrive fully in every moment! D3, Magnesium, COQ10, B12, B-Complex

B-12 Blends

Mommy & Me Blend

If you are among the thousands upon thousands of women who cannot stomach the idea of taking a prenatal vitamin daily, we have the answer for you! We are delighted to have a new Mommy & Me Blend that contains all the recommended vitamins and support for your growing baby.

B-12 Blends

Protect & Prevent

The perfect blend to boost your immune system and not only protect you but prevent illness while giving you extra healthy body benefits! Vitamin C, Zinc, D3, Glutathione

B-12 Blends

Energy +

It's time to take your fitness lifestyle to the next level with more energy, better performance and faster recovery! Amino Blend, Lipotropic, B Complex, B12

B-12 Blends

The Glow Up

Self Love is easier than you think and it looks like healthy, young, bright, beautiful and glowing skin, hair, nails and body! Glutathione, Vitamin C, Biotin, Zinc

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Walk ins are always welcome, no appointment needed! We are friendly, knowledgeable, licensed and have nurses on staff to advise and administer the injections. Private and Personal Medical Director provides an annual prescription that we handle directly. Telehealth for more specific weight loss programs available.

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Power Up


Our goal is to help you live your best life in your best body by providing you the best vitamin options! Our vitamins are pure (non-synthetic), no filler, FDA approved and activated, purchased only from reputable pharmacies with top quality products.

We Believe in the Best Version of You!
B12 RX & More offers only the purest
and finest forms of the vitamins your
body needs to perform at it’s best
so you can thrive in life.